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Konnichiwa and Assalamualaikum!

How are you? I hope we all have a great day awaiting for us today! This week post won’t be very long as some of the reflection on the video is updated on the company’s blog.

Week 4 class is mostly on the recap of last week class but this time I am perfectly clear about the topic. We’ll talk about that afterward. First, let’s talk about Madam Hazrati’s class which I find it very difficult to understand the content. Though, it’s not the lecturer’s fault. My Arabic class finished quite late so we had to rush to class. By the time we arrived, the lesson has started…All the rushing makes me take some time to be settle down thus I ended up clueless when we arrived at certain point. No worries…I’ll just read back the slide she gave us since it’s theory. I’m sure as I review it later, I’ll understand it.

Mr.Helmi’s class was easier to understand as he aid it with the powerpoint slides. I’ve read his blog before so, I’m clear about his explanation. Miss Hazrati’s example of storyboard also help me to get a clearer picture of what the storyboard will look like. Mr. Helmi also answer my question as detailed as possible, so I have no problem comprehending what we should do.

The end of the class, we consult Pn. Hazrati’s on our problem regarding the equipment and she adviced us to try watching globe trekker as one of the solution to our problem. Watching Ian Wright’s Globe Trekker gave us a brief idea on what we have to do for the storyboard as well as the video. Thanks Pn. Hazrati. Through discussion at the end of class, we came up with a few ideas for our production which I have updated on our company’s group. I really like how Dr. gave us time to discuss in class as we rarely have time outside class to meet.


I guess that’s all for today.




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Moshi2 n Assalamualaikum~!!!!

For week 3, we have learnt a very interesting topic which enjoyed very much titled, ‘mobile blog’. For this class we have been exposed to the usage of ipad and I’ve got to try it as well as some of my friends.

As much as I enjoyed the class, I would say, I don’t really understand the class’s content. I can’t understand much of what the lecturer was trying to say about mobile blogging…I very much get the point on what mobile blogging is. I think if he explained it in BM he would be more comfortable and it would probably make me easier to understand. The blog that he suggested for us to look through is also interesting. I manage to read something and I gain some insight about the technique on video recording.

Dr. Rosseni however managed to explain it back very well and I somehow understand it better. We then break into group. Thank god, I manage to be in the group of people that I really am comfortable working with. We’ve been having quite a hard time choosing a topic but we finally manage to agree on one topic, “100 a day at Putrajaya”. We’ve also chose the board of director/ post that all of us agreed upon. You’re looking at the art director and the blog main admin. I love this kind of work.

Again, as much as I love this class since I got the opportunity to try the Ipad (the lecturer did a great job demonstrating on how to use the Ipad), I don’t really like using mobile blogging. First I don’t own any mobile blogging equipment. Second: I prefer using normal PC blogging and even the video uploading through mobile. I know we need to change for better, but still I prefer the PC blogging/video uploading. More shocking news, after this we need to do some vlogging!!!! I’m embarrassed. I tried it once but it turn out so funny. Though, I’ll try it this time with script so I don’t stutter or turn red….

I’ve finished the company blog!!!!! Here’s the link~ http://foodspaqlhunt3r.wordpress.com/

I guess that’s all for today~!!!



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Moshi Moshi~


Another update for this week blog and today’s update will be on today’s topic that we learn with Puan Hazrati titled: Systematic Planning in the Use of Media and Evaluation. As a recap from today’s class, INSTRUCTION is an arrangement of collection of data to produce an effective learning. In other words, it is like a data of content that we want to teach. In order to deliver this data, we need INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN (another important term) which is the systematic process to design. develop, implement and evaluate our instruction. For example in this class we use wordpress as an instructional design.

Instructional design includes determining students needs, determining objectives, developing evaluation procedure, designing and choosing delivery strategy, employing instruction system and evaluating overall system. We’re also introduced to a few types of models of Instructional design like Dick and Carey and ADDIE but the major one is the one we lean deeply which is ASSURE MODEL.

A – Analyze learner

S – State objective

S – Select media or materials

U – Utilize Media and Material

R – Require learner’s participation

E – Evaluate and Revise

Our exercise for today is to create our own sentence for objective based on the ASSURE model. Mine is:

Class 1A will be able to  write 5 sentence using at least a verb with 100% sentence accuracy.

It was interesting perhaps as we learn many things today like the rules and exception and types of learners. Can’t wait for next week’s class. Until then~


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Moshi Moshi2

The first class of GGGE2153 and my head is full of what to expect on this semester. This is just like the first semester course of Computer in Education where we have to write reflection every week. I’m not really burdened by it but….the assessment on doing video seems like there need to be a whole lot commitment to finish the video. I’ve done a few video in terms of photostory before but I doubt it’s an ‘A’ video. I hope with the new experience and knowledge I got from the class, I’d be able to produce a better video and gain new knowledge on the software related to it.

This class we’re attending has only like 19 students yet we’re using such a huge hall and the lecturer turned out to be the lecturer from my computer in Education class, Dr. Rosseni. We’ll also be taught by Miss Aidah and Cik Khazriyati as said by Dr. Rosseni. Note on what to do for this sem: –

a) Video

b) blog reflection every week

c) Final exam

I watched the senior’s example of their video production. Some of the videos are good, while some may seems boring but we can see how creative they are using the video effect on their video like zooming or fasting it or making it slow motion. Those are from the experts already and it took them long enough. How about me who is not that good in camera technologies and editing. I’m really worried especially when most of this semester course are program based project which required very amount of time. I guess I’ll be burning the midnight oil every night this sem…but I’ll also try to have as much fun during this semester.

Week 14: SPSS

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Hai Hai,

Last week for our ‘kuliah’~! I am really surprised that time moves so fast. I mean it’s already the end of semester. I’m so going to miss this course.

Anyway, I’ve filled in some questionnaire on the MS Access ebook on the the internet. Apparently, it was used for our SPSS assignment. I have never heard of SPSS until I today’s class. I also never thought it was not so difficult to use it compared to MS Access. So, in that class, we learned on how to key in data, do statistic and graph as well as analysis for subjective question. It was fun and it didn’t take very long to finish it.

Dr. Rosseni also informed us a bit on our upcoming final exam…

Wah, I’m not ready but I’ll try my best. I guess this is the last post for GE1155. I seriously enjoy this course and I hope I can used all the knowledge I got in my future assignments and work.

Thank you to Dr. Rosseni and Cik Aidah for their great teaching and convey of knowledge. They really helped us a lot and nothing could repay them.

Thank you again~

Week 13

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Hai Hai,

Nothing much to talk about this day. I am among the people who finished MSAccess and somehow I really appreciated my dad for that. Anyway, I was surprised that Cik Aidah entered because I thought it was supposed to be SPSS with Dr. Rosseni. I decided to ask Cik Aidah about my Report and Query when she suddenly ask me to help teach with her in front. We tried several times to teach them and some of my peers even come for me for help…Maybe I have that teaching skill…LOL….Just kidding.

I was happy to have that experience teaching with Cik Aidah. It’s not really teaching anyway…It’s just showing how to do. It turns out, she decided that the last question about student who’s active in co-curricular is unnecessary so I have to delete my wokr on that.. No troubles at all.

Anyway, I started to write online and I’m so happy that I got quite a reader and even some fan of my fiction. Though I won’t let anyone who knows me read any of my work coz it’s embarassing. I uploaded ome of my old fics to a community and only after few minutes, my mail is loaded with comment. I think I’ve found a hobby…

Guess that’s all for this week.

Week 12

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Hai Hai,

This week, both Cik Aidah and Dr. Rosseni is absent so we were left  with work she wrote on the whiteboard. We were suppose to do a query and report on:

Student who haven’t pay their fees

Student who deserved scholarship

Student who’s active in co-curriculum

She also provide us with Ebook on Microsoft Access. I understand the whole process on how to do it but I have trouble on what criteria determine the answer for the question. The book really helps but the example is not really enough to help me understand better on the function of Query and Report. However, I managed to do it after consulting it with my dad. My dad and I brainstorm on the question as well as he taught me on how to do the Access. It was fun learning with him.

It’s easier than I thought but I still need to consult Cik Aidah for it. Anyway, here’s the printscreen for my work: