Hai Hai,


My name is Aqila Munirah Binti Jailan. I’m an Aquarius who’s born on the 4th of February in Klang. I’m the first child of my family with a younger brother and a younger sister. I used to study in normal daily school during my primary and middle school before pursuing to Foundation in TESL at UITM in 2009. After that, I enter UKM to pursue my interest in TESL. My achievement during school and foundation was impressing so I hope to continue it here especially when I doing something I love.

As a first child, my expectation from my dad especially is quite high. He’s very strict about our education and I’m the first to experience all the strictness and discipline of his. Even when I get a 60 during my school time, I’ll be scolded. That’s why I’m trained to do my best in whatever I pursue. Although my main reason for achieving my result is expectations from my parent, I have my own dream of teaching in Japan particularly english subject. I am somehow in love with the culture and the place itself. My lecturer used to say, teaching in Japan comes with a high profit but my main reason is not money but fun. Someday I want to be a teacher like Yankumi (She’s my idol).

Let’s move on to my family. Both my parents work at the Meteorology department. My dad is a Johorean while my mum is Terengganuan. Dad as I say before is quite strict while my mum has a total opposite characteristic of him. My younger brother is in Form 5. He’s really a sweet little devil. Despite his mischievous  attitude, he’s really caring on us. My younger sister is in form 3. A bit diva who loves to dress up and make up. We love quarelling with each other.

Anyway, upon entering UKM, I hope to do my best especially in my CGPA so that I can pursue both dreams for myself and my parent.That’s all about me…To know more about me, let’s hang out sometimes~!


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