Published 29/05/2012 by Aqila Qira-chan

Class on weekend…TIRED…The week was actually a full tiring week and I even skipped Arabic class on Saturday for the bengkel…But guess what, I’m not regretting it~ Somehow class on Sunday is actually fun especially when there are actually some progress with our video production. We’ll get to that later k?

Compared to others who have to wait for the bus, I’m quite lucky because my aunt was the one sent me for today’s class. No worries about going to class. Anyway, class start with all of us trying the Adobe Premier. Like yesterday’s class it was harder than movie maker…but somehow today it is really seems easy. I was amazed with all the effect it can give. It was great. We used the video Encik Helmi had prepared for us and edit it. We learn how to insert song on the video, layering image with pictures, put the name under during interview and fade in or fade out the clip. Basically it’s about compilling many videos through layering. It was really fun doing the video. All of us tried it. Since not all the computer have the software, we have to share.

Next he taught us how to record sound using sound booth. Recording voice was not a problem. The problem came later with the keyframe thingy which I have absolutely no idea how to do it. Again, patiently, he taught us step by step…errr…not getting it till the end. I think I’m going to stick with movie maker to edit the sound. Though I believe, if I can grasp the way to make full use of the sound booth, I might be able to create amazing sound for our video. However, I don’t think I’ll be using that since my computer doesn’t have the software.

Before I forgot, Encik Helmi taught us again on photoshop about the saturation/hue, filter, magnetic tools and refining edge just to complete yesterday’s class with En. Faisal. Then we’re given our own time to work with our video. I divide the work to my teammate.

Solah and Me: Story board

Haha…we really had a quarrel of idea during the discussion but I believe it’s for the betterment. I like working with Solah when generating Idea. We both had great idea and when we combine, it’s bombastic. She does not only accept but also review just like I review her idea. She is not afraid to comment on the idea. Anyway, our storyboard was a SUCCESS. It took awhile because we thought story board need pictures. We showed it to Mr. Helmi and he approved of it. The one we did without picture.


Asri is in charge of looking for music which he didn’t manage to finish that day. Luqman and Peng is in charge of converting the video which was also a problem because our video is to big to use in the converter. Luqman showed good problem solving skills when he managed to download a converter that manage to convert our video. Aiman on the other hand video shoot the interview that we would be using in our video. She somehow was really good at capturing video. She had the skill and she knew the technique to handle the video. Apparently, the video we took during the fieldtrip to Putrajaya was not good. We need to go back to shoot again.

At last there are progress of our video.We managed to finish a little of our script too. After discussion, we planned on going with windows movie maker which is easier as we are more familiar with it.  This Sunday class wasn’t a bad idea after all. Encik Helmi was even kind enough to send us back to our college. Thanks very much for that.

Basically, the three days was three days of NEW experience.

Going places I never been to, Learning things I never learn, Knowing new things…especially in one of the field I enjoyed. (Yes, I love working with computer…be it exploring new software or modifying items using computer…I love what technologies can do and best of all when we operate it.) This three days of class open an opportunity for me to explore deeper into video and picture editing as a step to become more professional. Although we didn’t get to learn every single thing, I ‘l make sure to explore more as I finished our Food hunter’s video as Dr. Rosseni, Encik Helmi and Encik Faisal had prepared the basic of it.

I enjoyed the class very much and I don’t know any class as fun as this to be done on Sunday.



  • so sweet of you qila. i’m also like it very much when we pouring our ideas and then bombarding tons of arguments at each other. but, at the end of the day, definitely we come up with a lots of bombastic ideas aren’t we?

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