Published 29/05/2012 by Aqila Qira-chan


How do you do?

Today’s post is about the photoshop class we experienced. First, I’m actually a beginner of photoshop. I knew a little bit about photoshop since I learn it from my brother and the internet for our literature assignment where we need to do a poster. I was struggling then especially in removing the image from the background. I’m perfectly unaware of the function of stroke and blur.

Anyway, the class taught us the easy way to remove an image from the background. Before this, I use the lasso tool which need REALLY REALLY deep attention. You could actually use magneto lasso or the magic wand tool which are WAY easier to do. They work by sensitivity to detect the colour and automatically mark the part we wish to crop. Then we learnt about layering where we combine photos into one right after we learn about layer. We can actually combine photo into one. I manage to try out boththings when I did a funny penguin standing at the bottom of the sea.


I never realize until he told us that text also plays a big role. He showed examples and I noticed. Even the gap between letters help to make the effect reach the see-er. Later on, after we were explained about the effect and get to try the effect ourselves, then I know how to make it blur or have some feather effect on it. While we were at it and since I’m fast at catching on with the tutorial, I helped out Solah, Luqman and peng  by explaining step by step again on what En. Faisal taught us. We tried out many funny layering of pictures as I taught them. What a great fun.

Anyway, this class was actually done to help us for the task that we are assigned to for our coursework. We need to actually create a banner for our blog. This is actually quite useful in case we want to include it in our video. I actually like this kind of assessment because it let me try out on my creativity skills. First, we need to determine the size of our banner whereby mine is 950×200 pixels. I had trouble of figuring out what my theme of banner would be. At first I planned on having blue sky or japanese theme…since those two are my fav thing in the world. However, it doesn’t really suit my blog theme so I decided on black theme. Here are the photo I used for the banner making:



The last result is:~


I really had fun doing this…I even tried doing our group’s banner:


After lunch, we had session with Encik Helmi explaining more about video transferring, video editing, audio editing and finalizing video. Video transferring as he said depend on the Video camera. It can either be in tape, mini disc or hard disc. Next, we are introduced to some video editing software including window movie maker and adobe premier where we learn to cut, arrange, adding effect and transition to the video. I have no problem following the class when we did movie maker since I have experience using movie maker for a class project during foundation a UITM. There are however some interesting function that I learnt during this class. On the other hand, adobe premier was hard. Apparently Transition can help makes a video look great and it can also DESTROY the video. You need to associate the suitable video with your clip. Having too much transition also makes your video look like an ameteur’s video. I can’t help but agree on that En. Helmi…I’ve seen some ideo wit too much transition and it makes me dizzy.

We also did audio editing through soundbooth I find extremely DIFFICULT. No matter how many time he explained, it was unbelievably hard. all those function seems like only professional can do it….It’s not Encik Helmi’s fault. He’s been trying hard and being very understanding to guide us step by step. It’s also probably due to the computer’s sound system is not really good. You can’t really hear clearly when you’re editing the sound.

I do enjoy this class because I love learning about video editing and photoshop. Not so much on the soundbooth though. I learn that there are far more interesting thing you can do with your video and pictures to make it great. This will help a lot during the video production of ours. I really appreciate Dr. Rosseni’s effort for making this class…If we want to do this outside, we might have to pay but she even prepared free food. I’ve always wanted to attend a photoshop class to learn more. It’s unfortunate we didn’t get to learn much but I hope if Dr. do this kind of thing again, I would be able to learn more professional technique so I can use it in the future.  It’s really a great experience learning new things in class.


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