Published 29/05/2012 by Aqila Qira-chan

Assalamualaikum and hello~

Did you have a nice day?

This post will reflect the exciting days we’ve had during our visit at Putrajaya. To be honest the only place I’ve been to these days in Putrajaya are only ERL whenever I send my aunt when she wants to go to the airport or Alamanda for movies. I’ve never been to other part of Putrajaya. The trip really gave me new experience as I discover the beauty of Putrajaya through day and night. However, it would be perfect if it weren’t raining that day.

Anyway, our trip was quite late than expected. I was there at 2 yet we only moved around 3. On the way, we, known to be fun-lover + photogenic, couldn’t help taking pictures in the bus. The bus really was full of laughter. Our first destination was Ministry of Finance that had quite beautiful architecture. It was built with interesting angle. Oh….I also saw lots of expensive cars. As expected from Putrajaya~ Dr. Rosseni’s son, En. Faisal explained to us the photography technique including the camera function. Different digital camera or DLSR have different function and the effect of the photo will be different depending on the camera.

We didn’t manage to try the DLSR camera there but we manage to try the camera you use to take portrait photo whereby the back is blurred. I caught the picture at first but he said, the picture must have story. So I tried another one. Got a good feedback from him.

Our next destination is the Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin’s mosque. And let me tell you…I’m in love with the mosque. I was awed at every part of the mosque I stepped into. They even have escalator there!!! Me and Peng got lost at first but a man helped us out. He even explain a little bit about the mosque. It was built with Madinah’s mosque as inspiration whereby the praying hall is open. The bathroom and wudhu’ place was superb too. I could live there…We moved on to the outer part of the mosque that has amazing landscape. Encik Helmi taught us about Junaio again before moving on to video recording technique. All of us tried the panning, tilting, dollying and zooming. Our group did a video shoot there.


prayed there before moving on to Pulllman. It’s a bit too dark so we can’t really see much there. Then we went to Pasar Malam. The last destination where we also did our photoshoot. As you can guess, we enjoyed shopping more than shooting the video.

Fiel trip like this is really fun to be done. Learning outside classroom while we apply the technique we learnt really help to enhance my understanding and see the immediate effect of the technique. We really had fun while learning. I believe the trip is a great effort to not just enhance our understanding of the technique but also introduce us how to actually capture the beautiful things we see so that it will always remain as good memory. I hope if I were to get chance, I would do it again~



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