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This would probably be the last post for this semester!

This weeks class starts early than usual. Not really happy with that because I actually have class from 8-10 in the morning. No one to blame actually since there was a class at 11 at the dewan budiman. Once my Arabic class finished, me, Peng, Fana and Kay rushed to the class only to find they already start discussing the exam paper n actually almost finished.

I was extremely clueless on what they were discussing at first but managed to catch up….Thanks to Kirah and Chigi who briefed a bit about what they were doing. Then, before the video start, we were given some papers or evaluating form to evaluate our friend. I was shocked at the evaluating form. The criteria was…I don’t een know if I would be able to do it. I didnt prepare anything for the presentation. I quickly tried to remember somethings about ur video and jotted down.

Whew a close one. Today, Aiman and Solah didn’t manage to come because they have a college activity at Langkawi. Envy them. But…we must go on fighting (dramatic much ain’t I). Samm group went 1st. Since I was too nervous about our video, I didn’t really focus but I think they did good. Our group was next~!!!!

Audio problem…a bit of transition problem…How could I not be worried? I even slept late the night before to do the final editing. The video finished early and have been finished edited the week before but reviewing the time, we did some correction and add some into our video. I gave a brief presentation about our video and the task we all did during the video production. When the video was played, I was super embarrassed looking at myself being the host. I could even see how embarrassed Luq2 look seeing himself on the big screen. Though, I was really proud looking at all our hardwork of the video being played…The result was great. I can’t even imagine the video was made by us~ Might not be perfect but GREAT~

A bit about our video:


An Outing to Remember:

A trip around Putrajaya!









Cameraman (video)/video cutting:



Video editing/director/storyboard:




The video is about the interesting places around Putrajaya including Pullman, Masjid Besi, Taman Botani and Taman Warisan. Here’s the link to our video:


We got an excellence. A joke from Dr. Rosseni that we could change our career cracked me up…haha…We even got great response from the other group and Encik Helmi. He added that if we add some song on the speech, it would be better. However, he LOVES it…Actually, the success of our video was beside the hardwork, we applied everything we learn from video shooting, video editing and even photo shop in our project. Everyting we learn, we put in our work~ SPAQL Food Hunter’s hardwork meeting every week really did pay off. I couldn’t help myself as I immediately texted the great news to Solah and Aiman which they enjoyed too….

I really really enjoy working with my group mate. Working with them on this video didn’t seem much like work but rather an exciting thing. Everytime we meet, instead of stress, we had great laugh editing the video, finding pictures, resolving problems, choosing the best songs…and even the trip to Putrajaya was great. WE DID IT GUYS.

The group that gave me an awe that day was totally Vee’s group. THEY WERE EXCELLENT. I wonder how did they do it. I really love their work. Anyway, Dr. Rosseni was kind enough to give us full mark IF we helped group 1 to improve their work. Thanks Dr.♥♥♥ However so far, we ask if they need any help and they said they’re doing just fine.

Since this is probably the last post, I would love to thanks ESPECIALLY to DR. Rosseni, Encik Helmi, Encik Yusuf, Encik Faisal, Cik Hazraty and all the lecturers that had participate during our whole semesters of class GGGE2153. We’ve learn a lot from you~ This class was really FUN and exciting as we explore new things that we don’t get anywhere else. I think the assessment given to us suit the course as I have been enjoying it. It is relevant to train future teacher like us to be aware of the technology which we might require in our future classroom whether as teaching aids or other purposeful use.


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