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Published 27/04/2012 by Aqila Qira-chan

I didn’t manage to update any reflection yet, but here’s the banner assignment that I’ve completed:

Presenting!!! The individual banner that I will update soon as my blog banner:


The group banner or more known as the food hunter’s banner for AN OUTING TO REMEMBER:




Published 20/04/2012 by Aqila Qira-chan

Week 6? The week I enjoyed the best in class!

Oh before that, assalamualaikum and greetings everyone. I hope you are doing very well.

Back to the reflection. That day start off with as usual, a recap of the pre-production process a.k.a the previous weeks class. After all all that we learn are interconnected with each other. Again, this week, Mr. Helmi’s giving lecture with the help of his friend Mr. Yusof. This week focus on production phase including photography and video taking technique. This week’s class again, it include loads of hands on activities which I prefer rather than just a normal theory-learning lecture.

I really gain new experience from the video composition, video shootingvideo transferring, video designing and mobile tag lesson. Mr. Helmi gave us insight on the technique used in each of the topic but what I find most interesting is when we learn the video composition technique. I always thought in order to focus on object, we took the shot from center until when we learn about the rule of third. Then it comes to me as I viewed some of the picture on the internet, u don’t necessarily need to centerized the subject of our photo in order give focus.

The sakura tree in the picture below is not at the centre yet we know the highlight of the photo is the sakura tree.



I tried applying the rule of third through 2mpx phone camera. I’m not sure if it is correct but here goes:


I also tried the close up shot.



It was really interesting to try this out. Maybe at te Putrajaya I’ll be able to take the photo more beautifully using a more proper camera. Next, we also learn about the angle of camera and video shooting. Mr. Helmi said the angle may portray the mood of the picture thus video and camera angle must be taken into consideration when we shoot. I usually use the normal angle for any moods. haha…no wonder the mood I’m trying to convey through my photo never did get there. High angle represent depression or loneliness…Makes me wonder the famous high-angle photo people take for their face to look thin on facebook profile picture has meaning that the owner of the photo is lonely…(Just kidding). Then there’s the low angle that function to make the image appear bigger.

normal angel:



High angle:


Low angle:


Then we move on to video designing which involved the boundary game. Basically it’s another format of storyboard which is not that systematic (in my opinion) compared to the storyboard. Though I prefer this way. I mean story board is more on planning action before the video shooting while this one is used after the video shooting to select the important scenes and discard the unwanted scenes. This is easier to do I think for me who harly do work systematically at all. Anyway, we didn’t really have practice on this one but I do get a get clear picture of this technique. I wish to try it during our group’s video project.

The last topic was the mobile tag which I really enjoyed creating. I never knew there’s a website to create the mobile tag. “Mobile tagging is the process of providing data read from tags for display on mobile devices, commonly encoded in a two-dimensional barcode, using the camera of a camera phone as the reader device” (wikipedia). Basically, mobile tag is a URL presented on code that has barcode-like function. When we scan it using the camera on smartphone or phone that has internet access or even iPad, we can access the website or information. I’ve seen on a TV once that in Japan/Korea, there’s a machine that look like a vending machine where you can scan the mobile tag of the items to buy the product. We had a chance to create our own mobile tag and tried mobile taggng~ Here’s the link to my blog:


Guess what? You can even do mobile tagging on your phone number, SMS and even text. I really enjoy it.

After that lesson, we learn video shooting technique that include panning, zooming, dolly-ing and tilting. Zooming is a common terms and we often do it to get a closer movement of something. However, as a stated by Mr. Helmi, zooming will cause a bad result towards the video. The picture of the video will not appear clear at certain point. To solve it, he said we should use dolly technique where the camera is tied to the tripod with wheel and pushed. You can put it on the chair with wheel and push the chair. Dolly in is like zoom in but you push the camera forward while dolly out is like the zoom out where you pull the camera back.  This is what I often see in movie. Now I know the term. We also learn about tilt where the camera is moved up and down (vertically) slowly without the cameraman moving and pan where the cameraman also don’t move but the camera is move horizontally to the left and right.

We get to try all the technique in class where we did all sort of things with the camera. I really had fun times during the class. Before I forgot, we also learn about putting up the tripod which it’s the first time of my life doing it. I do find this class as a learning experience that I may used in later part of my llfe.