Published 28/02/2012 by Aqila Qira-chan

Moshi Moshi2

The first class of GGGE2153 and my head is full of what to expect on this semester. This is just like the first semester course of Computer in Education where we have to write reflection every week. I’m not really burdened by it but….the assessment on doing video seems like there need to be a whole lot commitment to finish the video. I’ve done a few video in terms of photostory before but I doubt it’s an ‘A’ video. I hope with the new experience and knowledge I got from the class, I’d be able to produce a better video and gain new knowledge on the software related to it.

This class we’re attending has only like 19 students yet we’re using such a huge hall and the lecturer turned out to be the lecturer from my computer in Education class, Dr. Rosseni. We’ll also be taught by Miss Aidah and Cik Khazriyati as said by Dr. Rosseni. Note on what to do for this sem: –

a) Video

b) blog reflection every week

c) Final exam

I watched the senior’s example of their video production. Some of the videos are good, while some may seems boring but we can see how creative they are using the video effect on their video like zooming or fasting it or making it slow motion. Those are from the experts already and it took them long enough. How about me who is not that good in camera technologies and editing. I’m really worried especially when most of this semester course are program based project which required very amount of time. I guess I’ll be burning the midnight oil every night this sem…but I’ll also try to have as much fun during this semester.

2 comments on “WEEK 1: FIRST GGGE2153

  • i like your writing style, and i love reading your postings. Just to be sure you get good marks for the reflection pls refer to the 3 aspects that i look for when grading them. All the best and keep up the good work 🙂

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