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Week 14: SPSS

Published 22/10/2010 by Aqila Qira-chan

Hai Hai,

Last week for our ‘kuliah’~! I am really surprised that time moves so fast. I mean it’s already the end of semester. I’m so going to miss this course.

Anyway, I’ve filled in some questionnaire on the MS Access ebook on the the internet. Apparently, it was used for our SPSS assignment. I have never heard of SPSS until I today’s class. I also never thought it was not so difficult to use it compared to MS Access. So, in that class, we learned on how to key in data, do statistic and graph as well as analysis for subjective question. It was fun and it didn’t take very long to finish it.

Dr. Rosseni also informed us a bit on our upcoming final exam…

Wah, I’m not ready but I’ll try my best. I guess this is the last post for GE1155. I seriously enjoy this course and I hope I can used all the knowledge I got in my future assignments and work.

Thank you to Dr. Rosseni and Cik Aidah for their great teaching and convey of knowledge. They really helped us a lot and nothing could repay them.

Thank you again~


Week 13

Published 21/10/2010 by Aqila Qira-chan

Hai Hai,

Nothing much to talk about this day. I am among the people who finished MSAccess and somehow I really appreciated my dad for that. Anyway, I was surprised that Cik Aidah entered because I thought it was supposed to be SPSS with Dr. Rosseni. I decided to ask Cik Aidah about my Report and Query when she suddenly ask me to help teach with her in front. We tried several times to teach them and some of my peers even come for me for help…Maybe I have that teaching skill…LOL….Just kidding.

I was happy to have that experience teaching with Cik Aidah. It’s not really teaching anyway…It’s just showing how to do. It turns out, she decided that the last question about student who’s active in co-curricular is unnecessary so I have to delete my wokr on that.. No troubles at all.

Anyway, I started to write online and I’m so happy that I got quite a reader and even some fan of my fiction. Though I won’t let anyone who knows me read any of my work coz it’s embarassing. I uploaded ome of my old fics to a community and only after few minutes, my mail is loaded with comment. I think I’ve found a hobby…

Guess that’s all for this week.

Week 12

Published 21/10/2010 by Aqila Qira-chan

Hai Hai,

This week, both Cik Aidah and Dr. Rosseni is absent so we were left  with work she wrote on the whiteboard. We were suppose to do a query and report on:

Student who haven’t pay their fees

Student who deserved scholarship

Student who’s active in co-curriculum

She also provide us with Ebook on Microsoft Access. I understand the whole process on how to do it but I have trouble on what criteria determine the answer for the question. The book really helps but the example is not really enough to help me understand better on the function of Query and Report. However, I managed to do it after consulting it with my dad. My dad and I brainstorm on the question as well as he taught me on how to do the Access. It was fun learning with him.

It’s easier than I thought but I still need to consult Cik Aidah for it. Anyway, here’s the printscreen for my work:

Microsoft Access (Week 11)

Published 15/10/2010 by Aqila Qira-chan

Hai Hai,

During this week, we have to do Microsoft Access which is quite new for me. I never use it before. However, Cik Aidah’s teaching which show us step one by one makes it easy for me to understand it. We did relationship, table and form which is quite fun to fill in. I get to know some of my classmates family background when we were required to list the details but I think only less than half of my list are my friends. It’s more fun putting the name of my idols. LOL. Now I know how teacher organized their students background and all. I really find this useful for further use.

During this week, I realized that this class is one of my favorite class. I get excited every time I learn the new function of the software in my computer.

I guess that’s all for this week…

Raya~! (Week 10)

Published 15/10/2010 by Aqila Qira-chan

Hai Hai,


Raya is over…well at least for me. Tons of unfinished assignments to be done. I can’t believe time is flying (more like dashing to me…). By the time I realised, every due date of assignments and presentation draws near.

This whole first week of Raya was extremely enjoyable and of course tiring. The first day of our comeback, we did a video which was suppose to be done before raya for the Malam Aidilfitri TESL. It was fun acting in the short video. I need to use my skills of Movie maker to complete the video. The casts are the same people handling the Berbuka puasa…we so need some new faces.  The story is about a family who fights where to go back for the Raya. Anyway, the casts is as follow:

Samm: Wife

Luqman: Husband

Peng and Farhana: Daughters

Me and Asri: Luqman’s parents

Dayang and Vanessa: Samm’s mother and sister.

Aiman is the camerawoman. It was a long shooting yet it was fun because we did it spontaneously. Before the shooting, I met my mentor for the first time. His name is mejar Jasmy. I was scared at first but after getting to know him, he was quite nice to talk to. He offered me to do some translation and I agree. I’m not sure when will he give me the work but the point is, I’m happy with my mentor~ (^_^)

The next day was filled with completing the video which took me a whole day. Luckily most of them stayed with me to help me out.The malam Aidilfitri was…how should I say this embarassing. We forgot that we entered a table decoration competition. The judge ended up confused at our empty table. We didn’t expect our spontaneous video would be shown that night. It was truly embarrassing. It’s an experience though which I hope will never happen again…Though I love hanging out with my Teslian friends along the video making session and also the night of Aidilfitri.

Lastly, on Thursday, we had the chance to taste international food at an international food festival at PPU. Everything was just too tempting. I think the best food is Halwa which is a food from….(I forgot). Though I didn’t have the chance to taste ayam penyet. There’re too many people there.

Well that’s all from me…

Jaa ne~