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Johnny’s Entertainment

Published 30/08/2010 by Aqila Qira-chan

Hai Hai,

In this post, I’ll introduce about my current obsession which is Johnny’s Entertainment. A company for idols in Japan. Well, basically, I’m not into the company but the group inside the company. Johnny’s took kids as young as 5 to expose them to the world of entertainment. They need to undergo audition before learn on how to dance and sing as well as act. Johnny’s top idol must know how to sing, dance, act, host and some even compose their own songs.

I was first introduced to the Johnny’s entertainment from a group named KAT-TUN. It used to be a group of six which initial name made up the group name. however, one of their member drop out to pursue his own solo career since he’s more interested to sing in english this year. From that group, I started to like another group which lead to many other group.

Now, let me introduce you to 5 of my favorite group.

1ST:ARASHI is a group of 5 which was formed in September 1999. It’s been almost 11 years for them and they are now considered the face of Japan duento their influence. I love their natural characteristic and songs that never fails to motivate me whenever I’m feeling down. Their show are also quite popular and interesting.  The members consist of Matsumoto Jun, Ninomiya Kazunari, Ohno Satoshi, Sakurai Sho and Aiba Masaki.


The new KAT-TUN

Akanishi Jin pursuing his SOLO Career


A group of six who debut after 4 years of their formation. Thy were formed in 2001 as a backdancer to their senior before debuting in 2005 with a hit song ‘Real Face’. They are the delinquent image of Johnny’s although their personality is different from their image. In 2010, Jin, a member of their group announce about his drop out of KAT-TUN after his solo concert in U.S. Their songs are very nice to hear as it consist of many genre. Members include Kamenashi Kazuya, Taguchi Junnosuke, Tanaka Koki, Ueda Tatsuya and Nakamaru Yuichi as well as the former member, Akanishi Jin (My fav)



A group of six formerly 8 who debuted in 2003. Most of their songs are catchy but what I admire the most about this group is their personality which is fun and funny. Some of them are great at acting. Members are Yamashita Tomohisa, Nishikido Ryo, Koyama Keiichiro, Masuda Takahisa, Tegoshi Yuya and Kato Shigeaki.

These three groups are my favorite apart from other groups such as SMAP, TOKIO and Hey Say Jump. I enjoyed the most their show and their relationship with each other. despite their different group which they are assigned to, they are close friends with each other. I learn a lot from them other than just entertainment. From now on, I’ll continue to support them. Yoroshiku~!!!


I wonder

Published 30/08/2010 by Aqila Qira-chan

I wonder if I can go back to the time when technologies and moneys are not that important. Don’t misjudge me. I love technologies. In fact I can be called techno geeks sometimes. The thing is, I don’t like the thing happening around me nowadays. Too many issues and social problems.

If I have a time machine, how I won der I can go back to the time when, dad will go to chop wood or be a carpenter, and mom do the housework while all the children will mingle with each other playing outside under the sun and get dirty. I wish for a time where people live in a cottage and still use firewood. A time when at the evening, the whole family will sit in front of the fireplace and tell stories.

When I was young, all of my cousin and I will sleep together at the living room listening to my uncle’s stories. In the evening, we’ll go play outside with the chicken or the plants. We’ll do role play and cook together. Now, everything is just history. When we came back to our hometown, video games or lap top will be our game.

I just wished someday I’ll be able to return to that time again…

Week 8

Published 30/08/2010 by Aqila Qira-chan

Hai Hai,

This week we are required to do assignment using excel. It’s a hard task at first especially when I haven’t used excel for quite some time. My dad used to teach me on this but I totally forgot especially with the new features in Microsoft 2007. Cik Aidah taught us on how to use it step by step. As usual, she convey her lesson quite effective because I can easily understand it.

I enjoyed listing names and sorting it. Something I can’t do on usual day. I somehow felt quite excited learning new things about excel which I never knew before. I felt a bit regretted because I usually did all of counting manually and inserting the value after counting using calculator. I felt like laughing to myself.

Then, we are cik Aidah told us to put it in a CD along with other of her assignments. Luckily my house have some extra CD so I don’t have to purchase any.

Well, I guess that’s all for now….

Week 7

Published 30/08/2010 by Aqila Qira-chan

Hai Hai,

This week, Dr. Rosseni is back. She taught us on a few techniques of doing powerpoint slides and of course, we are required to do our own powerpoint slides on topic which has something to do with our course. My topic is the thing I love the most, ADJECTIVES. When I was in TESL Foundation, I once did an assignment almost like this with the topic of Forming adjectives. The difference is, I used Microsoft Publisher for it as I need to design a website before. My scope for this topic is bigger as I covered types and formation of adjectives.

Of all topics, I love this the most. Although doing powerpoint slide is tiring, I enjoy doing the animation and the slides itself. I am always in charge of the powerpoint and I like that job. Actually most of my time was spent on how make everything into point. I prefer simple slide show since I am comfortable in explaining from the point. I hope I didn’t do it too short.

Loads of pictures is in my slide because I believe adjectives is all about illustrating or picuring what you are saying. For the exercise, I put on a link on songs of ‘Hush Hush Baby’ and ‘Can You Feel The Love Tonight’. I feel that there’s many adjectives in these two songs.

I think I’ve write quite a lot.

Here’s the attachment of my slideshow


Well, that’s all for now…

Week 6

Published 30/08/2010 by Aqila Qira-chan

Hai Hai,

This week is very fun since we are required to do a brochure. I love doing art work in computer. For this week’s assignments, I used words which is something I’m quite familiar with. The information gathering and layout choosing session was quite uninteresting. Actually we managed to finish it on the dot but we decided to send it later because we want to decorate it.

We have planned a lot for the hardcopy of the brochure but since it’s hard to find stores selling decorative items in UKM, we decided to do it normally. Printing it was also quite a problem. No matter how many times we tried printing it, it never went the way we wanted it to be. Zura, one of our member, help to beautify it using everything we have.

Although I’m quite dissapointed with what the result is, I’m quite happy with all our hard work on doing this. Though I wonder if Microsoft Publisher can do brochure. Not that I have one after I reformat my laptop.


Anyway, That’s all for today~!

Week 5

Published 30/08/2010 by Aqila Qira-chan

Hai Hai,

Since most of us including me have some problems doing research and writing a critical review onassignments for week 3 and 4,we are taught on how to search for articles in PTSL database by a new lecturer, Cik Aidah. The lecturer is really friendly and I love how she approaches us. She taught us the steps one by one which made me understand on how to do the review.

The assignments were requested to be sent right away which is a hard work because I hardly found any suitable topics on our given subject. My group went through a lot of database but it was all fruitless efforts. The only article we found was from Proquest Education which is wuite straightforward yet short. It’s exciting because the article was easy to understand but the [problems start when we have to acrually write the review. Th language used was as simple as possible and I have no idea how to paraphrase it.

In the end, we just use some synonims to summarise the article. The link that Cik Aidah gave on how to write an article was very helpful and I will seriously use the web on other time when required to do this kind of assignments. One thing I learn from this week’s assignments is ‘DON’T PROCASTINATE’. To find even a short article took us almost 3 hours  not including the time brainstormed to do the review.


Well, that’s all for this week.