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Minggu 4

Published 31/07/2010 by Aqila Qira-chan

Evolution of Computer Operating System

For week 3 assignment, I have been assign to read an article and make some mind maps about the topic of Evolution of Computer Operating System. I have chosen an article ‘ Evolution of  Operating System’ from book of Sibsankar Haldar and Alex A. Haravind titled operating system. Basically, operating system is a system software that works by executing program. It controls the shutting down or starting of computer, managing memory, monitoring performance and so on. However, before the computer have all this accomodities, it had gone through an evolution or phase where lot of changes are made to ease the users by the development of technology and achieving new expectations. There are 8 evolution of operating system including the first without one.

Here is the link of my mindmap.

Assignment week 3

For week 4 assignment, I have to provide information about the source of the article.

Author: Sibsankar Haldar and Alex A. Haravind

Year: 2010

Title of Article: Evolution of Operating System

Book Title: Operating System

Place of Published:India



Since the article are quite hard to understand due to certain terms, I have hard time doing the flow chart and summarizing the article. However I tried my best and I’ve posted the result of my work as attachment. I did the chart in words because it’s easier to do it there. I divide the stages into 8 including the first one which is without the operating system and do the reason of the evolution of each stage at the arrow. I hope it is understandable and acceptable. This assignments are quite hard yet interesting to do. Because of this, I manage to learn how to use google scholar and google books which I never tried before. I hope the next assignments will be as interesting and more enjoyable  as this.



Published 31/07/2010 by Aqila Qira-chan

When I first got the topic, I was kind of dissapointed because I am more interested in doing nettique, internet safety and how to learn ICT. Although I have learnt about Operating system during my foundation but I only learn about what is the function of it. I have absolutely no idea about the evolution or the name of the system. It can be considered as a difficult task since I took a day just to find the  right article. I tried google scholar bu tI can’t seem to find the right article. At last, I decided to try for google books and at last I found it. Although it was rather a short article, I have trouble understanding some terms for example, synchronization primitives. I tried to google but to no avail, it makes it more hard to understand. However once I understand something, I feel really enjoy reading the article. So, I had ried my best to actually make a flowchart rather than mindmap to show the changes of the system.

First Class

Published 19/07/2010 by Aqila Qira-chan

Hai Hai,


Today is the first class of Computer in Education. Our instructor is Dr. Rosseni.She seems like a nice lecturer.

Our class is really pack with around 30 students in the class.I feel that I have no problem with the number of student since I have my own lap top. Yet, I have to come early to book for place. LOL. I’ve seen the course outline and I still can’t really see the whole thing yet. It may take time for me to see the whole overview of this class. Though, since I love computers, I have a feeling I’ll enjoy this class. Yoroshiku!

One more thing I’m worried about is if I came to class with laptop no batteries. I didn’t see any plug or extension here to plug my battery if it’s empty.

I guess that’s all for now!

Jaa ne~!